Creating a Keyboard Shortcut to Replicate Files

I cannot find where Replicate is available in the toolbars menu at the top, which seems to prevent me from creating a keyboard shortcut. Is that possible in the current version (DT3)?

I want to be able to create a replica file in the group in which I am working and then to move the replicated file where I needed. Control + Click gives me the option to replicate the file directly in a specific group, but that is a more burdensome way for me to achieve what I want. I usually have another window of DT3 open, and I prefer to drag the replica into the second window. (I am hoping that is not a bad practice.)

Currently my workaround is to create a duplicate file and then to convert it to a replica, but either way I prefer to have what I described above unless there is currently a simpler method of which I am not aware.

To quote the manual, p . 232, a replica is a

document or a group that appears in more than one place in the database. Unlike an alias in the file system, a replicant is not a real document pointing to another file (usually the original); rather it is a second entry in the table of contents for the very same document.

Because of that you can’t create a replica in the same location. If you tried Replicate To the same group via the context menu (secondary click or control click) you will find that nothing happens.

But never mind because this intermediate step is as unnecessary as your workaround. Just cmd-opt-drag the original file directly into the second window and you’ve got the replica.

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Thank you. Very helpful hack.

It is possible to have replicas in the same group. I see this often in my database, and I can achieve it with the procedure outlined in my OP (duplicate file > convert duplicates to replicas).

That’s actually a bug (and the sync doesn’t support multiple replicants in the same group).

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“Just cmd-opt-drag the original file directly into the second window and you’ve got the replica.” @suavito

This keyboard shortcut (thank you, @suavito) somehow stopped working. The cursor used to be curved when I press cmd-option before I drag the file. Now, when I use, I can transfer a file from one group to another, but not replicate it.

Is there a solution for this issue? I am currently on a macOS 11.1 and DT3 (3.6.3).

And are the modifier keys still pressed while dragging? What exactly did you drag (e.g. from the sidebar or the main view)?

Yes, the keys are pressed while dragging, but the cursor always looks normal, not curved to show it is replicating the file. I usually want to replicate a MSWord, pdf, or rtf file. The files in some cases are in the side bar, but in most cases I have two windows open: one shows the group where the file to be replicated is located and the other the group where I want to replicate the file.

I just tried it again: the replication works if I want to replicate a file in the side favorites menu, but not if I want to replicate it in another group.

A screenshot showing the item that was dragged would be useful, thanks.

Any file could be an issue. I will open a ticket and send a screen cast.