Creating bespoke annotation templates


How does one go about creating own annotation templates. I like the regenerated annotation template that links to the file highlighted. However I would like to create my own. How does one code the placeholder that will link to the original file? Is there a list somewhere of placeholder code for these templates? E.g. in the notes template one can type in something that will link to a specific file or folder.

Hope that makes sense.

If you choose Data > New from Template > Open Templates Folder, you will find the built-in templates. Duplicate the Annotation Template, right-click it, and choose Show Package Contents. Inside you will find the internal files, including the RTF file. You can easily open and edit this file in Text Edit. (And you don’t have to modify any languages you’re not using.)

Template placeholders are discussed in the Help and manual (pg. 156 of the Pro Office manual).

This is a custom placeholder who’s value is added in the AppleScript, main.scpt.

Thanks Jim for your prompt reply to this and my other question. Much appreciated.

You’re welcome.