Creating (bulleted) list in HTML notes

My apologies if I have missed something, but I cannot figure out how to create a bulleted list in a HTML note.

In the Format menu the “list” option is greyed out. In the source code error I can add a list manually and it is honored by the renderer, but not without the cursor getting lost.

Would it be possible to get bulleted list support for HTML documents in the editor?

Welcome @bones

The request is noted.

I second this.

Based on html, Formatted notes should support lists based on <ol> and >ul>. But it is not even possible to edit bullit lists of notes imported from Evernote.

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Development would have to assess this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Any further feedback on this - HTML still seems very much a second class citizen compared to markdown and RTF. For many reasons I prefer HTML above markdown and RTF and using SeaMonkey to make richer edits is somewhat cumbersome.

Providing complete HTML editing would probably create an unwieldy beast. I’m not quite sure though what you’re missing from MD in comparison with HTML, unless you’re talking about complete control of the document’s structure, including elements like nav, section, aside and footer. And, of course, assigning id and class attributes.

But if that’s what you’re after, you should really, really go for a dedicated tool or an editor with a good HTML mode. I’m quite certain that DT will not try to become an HTML editing tool, as it will not compete with Excel and Number with its tables nor with Lightroom and the like with its image handling.

It’s a document management system that integrates well with other tools more adept for particular editing tasks.

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I’m completely behind the notion of DT not being a full HTML editor. I’m already using SeaMonkey for that.
All I’m asking for is that the elements in the editor (lists, make link and table) are supported.
MD is too limited for my taste, RTF too inconsistent across platforms, and I like the control of base HTML (with limited css, if at all, not the madness of today’s world).