Creating Groups and Sub-Groups

Could someone point me in the right direction for what would be the most efficient way to automate the creation of a Group in Devonthink along with several sub-groups?

For new client intake, I typically need a top-level group and then 8-10 subgroups and would love to automate the creation if possible.

The easiest way would be to define the group structure in DEVONthink with a generic name at the top level. Then select the top level group you made and choose File > Export > as Template. You could then use Data > New from Template to add this structure at any time. You’d just need to edit the top level group name.

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Thank you Bluefrog! I also just realized that I can use x-callback URLs with DTTG, so I’m going to explore that and see if I can get something going with the Workflow iOS app. Thanks again.

No problem. Cheers!