Creating links in RTF document is a long and winding road.

Hi Guys!

I’m having a bit of a puzzle here. When I create a link to some doc from an RTF document in DTP, it preserves style of the link for the text that follows the link.

For example, I type some text in RTF document, then I want to make the last piece of the text a link to some other document. I highlight the piece, right-click, choose ‘Link to’ and select the document to link to. After that continue typing and the text that follows the link I just created has the same style (blue, underlined) as the link, but it’s not part of the link, if you know what I mean (I can see it by hoovering over the text). To correct that, I have to highlight the text again, right-click and choose ‘Styles’ and then scroll to the normal text style and click ‘Apply’. :confused:

(EDIT: RTFM’ed and found the shortcut to get to ‘Styles’ quickly)

I would consider the style behaviour a minor bug. What do you think?

I don’t see this behavior myself with links to documents, so I cannot help with that specifically.

However, I do understand the challenge as highlighting a word or passage will behave the same-start typing after the last highlighted word and the new words will also be highlighted. What I do in this case is to type a space, then make my selection and highlight, then right-arrow (may need to right-arrow twice, depending on the selection) to put the cursor at the end of the space. Does this work with the link formatting?

Yes, Greg, the space would help :slight_smile:
Maybe even typing text first and linking to documents after that would be a better workflow.
I also created shortcut for “Add Link…” menu item to speed thing up a bit.