creating multi-markdown documents in DTPO

When I ctl-click to create a new document in DTPO, and select the “markdown” file type, i get a file with a filetype of “.markdown”.

I would like it to be “.mmd” so that I automatically get the richer multi markdown file type, rather than the more limited “markdown” file type.

How do I do that?

If I rename the file, within DTPO, to “.mmd” I get instead “.mmd.markdown”.

Suggestion: Create a .mmd document and save it to Inbox, so that it is saved to the Global Inbox.

Select it in DEVONthink and choose File > Export > as Template.

Now you can add new .mmd documents to your database via Data > New from Template > [the .mmd template]. Edit in the appropriate external application.

Perfect! Thanks!