Creating my own "private mini-web" to search

Okay so the ability for DEVONagent to search browser bookmarks or DT bookmarks is AWESOME. Safari in particular interests me the most because I like the “Add to Reading List” for quickly bookmarking pages.

The only problem is, DEVONagent doesn’t give me any control over which bookmarks it can search.

  • Bookmarks plugin searches ALL bookmarks in ALL browsers – so if I have bookmarklets, or work things, those get searched too… not really what I want
  • DEVONthink databases searches ALL databases – same problem as above

I would really love if DA would let me specify a specific browser and/or bookmarks folder (e.g. Safari’s Reading List) or include only specific databases (e.g. my “Links” database).

I’m pretty sure it can’t do either of those things. But I’m wondering if anyone here has ideas for workarounds?

One long-winded approach I just figured out: export bookmarks from DA, import the OPML file to DT, delete all the folders other than “Reading List.” Then I add those bookmarks specifically to a search set.

Another possibility might be to import the bookmarks (see File > Import > Bookmarks > Safari) into a dedicated database and to close the other ones.

Awesome!! I hadn’t thought of that. It’s the same basic workflow, but a lot simpler. Thank you for the suggestion.

While I have your attention… :slight_smile: I would really like for DEVONagent to have a way to choose which DT databases it searches, or perhaps DT has a “Share Links” option similar to DTPO’s “Share Database” option.

Import Safari bookmarks definitely helps me though, especially since I can make use of “Read Later”. Thanks again!