Creating nested tag (e.g. "foo/bar") does not update Tags bar to show separate tags

When creating a tag like “foo/bar” via the Tag bar and pressing Enter, the tag is “bar” is created nested under “foo” (as expected). In the items list the tags are shown as “foo” and “bar” (separate), but the Tag bar keeps showing “foo/bar” unless I switch to another document and back again.

I would expect that the Tag bar would be updated to show “foo” and “bar” as separate tags after pressing Enter. Or is this intended behavior?

It’s nothing more than an artifact, as evidenced by this comment.

Not sure I understand; shouldn’t the UI update on Enter? As it does e.g. when adding foo/bar via the item list? After pressing Enter it creates the two tags: foo and bar.

Are the tags created? Yes, so it’s not a functional bug.
It’s merely a cosmetic effect, as shown by the fact the tags are shown separately when reselecting the item.

The tags are created and it’s not a bug, it’s merely a perceived inconsistency from other places in DT where the UI does immediately refresh after creating a tag with slashes which results in two different tags

Understood but development would have to weigh in on it.

The next release will fix this inconsistent handling.