Creation of tables of content in DT3?

I use PDFpenPro to insert what I call ‘bookmarks’ but which are actually items in a table of contents (TOC) for PDFs which I store in DT3 databases. (I highlight a word in the PDF and a command in PDFpenPro creates a TOC entry.) These show up nicely in the DT3 inspector sidebar under the ‘Table of Contents’ part and they aid navigation of long PDFs enormously.

Does DT3 itself have a way of inserting TOC entries? (If it doesn’t, I would suggest the ability to be able to do this in some future version.)

No, you can’t create a table of contents in PDFs. DEVONthink will display one if it exists, but it will not generate one for you.

The request is noted.

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I would also be thrilled if this became available… A lot of my older PDFs (e.g. scans) don’t have a toc of their own but now with DT3 i am realizing how helpful they are and would like to create tocs for those PDFs lacking them

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Welcome @roberto

This is not a trivial matter, but your input is noted.

Yes, I third this! Great to view the thumbnails in the inspector windows, but the TOC section is usually empty. Would be excellent to be able to generate (and ideally edit) TOC in DT.

If you Merge files in DT3, the resulting PDF contains TOC/Bookmark entries corresponding to the names of the files you merged.

Useful to know @rkaplan, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

I’m not exactly sure what it is we’re talking about here. The OP says “TOC” but what they describe is very much an index (highlight a word and add it to something called a TOC). And when I try this in PDFPen, I can only have one highlight per page – not, what I’d call a “TOC”.

I assumed we were talking about the Table of Contents of a PDF file - which you can read in DT or finder or equivalent, and click on a chapter/section to jump to that chapter/section. Isn’t that what a TOC is?

That does not match the description of the OP. Even so: how could an algorithm figure out from a PDF (which is essentially a sequence of drawing commands) what text segments are

? @pete31 posted a script to do something similar with RTFs some months ago. Perhaps that could be just as a starting point.

Well, there are apps that do just that. I don’t know exactly how they work, I guess they go by heading size etc. Though they also allow the user to create it themselves, which is what I have often done.