Cropping PDFs

I am trying to figure out how to crop my PDFs in DTPO. I sometimes clip magazine articles to scan into DT but I scan the whole page when really the piece I want is just a small column. How can I crop my one page document so that all I have left is the skinny column for the article? Thanks

Assuming you have imported the PDF, from DT you can open the PDF in Preview, crop, and save. The new version of the PDF will show correctly in DT. You can use the menu command: Data -> Open With -> Preview. You can also customize the toolbar, adding the icon for the “Open Externally” command.

Use the Help function in Preview to search for “crop” and you will find the instructions on how to do it.


Nice response, mpm.

I’ll add that in Preview you can customize the tool bar and add “crop” to it.

Customizable tool bars rock!