Cross-linking of a DTTG item and a Task in Todoist

I created a Drafts Action to crosslink a DTTG item and a Todoist Task.

It uses the first line of the draft as title for the DEVONthink item and the todoist task and the full content of the draft as content of the DT item. The title of the todoist task will be a clickable link to the DT item

The Drafts action can be downloaded here: crosslink Todoist task & DTTG document | Drafts Directory


Thanks for sharing this. Iā€™m sure some Drafts or Todoist users in here (and maybe out there :slight_smile: ) will find it useful.

This forum quite often shows up in the top results of searches :slight_smile:

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Good to know.

I hope so, this can be adapted to work with things, ominfocus or maybe other task managers, too :wink: