Crystal Ball: Upgrade, Crossgrade editions?

My pandemic aid status expires in a couple of days, and I’m still humming and harring with myself about upgrading my Pro version of DT3 to the Server edition. I’ve long been wondering about doing that (because, but then again, but maybe).

If I do choose to upgrade to Server, then I have to expect the upgrade cost from DT3 to DT4 when it comes along to be higher; assuming at that time that life has changed, wifes and servers turn out to be incompatible, for example, can I expect a down or crossgrade (i.e. from DT3 Server to to DT4 Pro) to be available? I understand that DEVONtech won’t be looking into a crystal ball for me, but the answer could be based on precedent.

I can’t speak beyond normal inferences, but I’d say we are known for generous upgrade pricing :slight_smile: