ctrl-F2 opens Take Note dialog

When I press ctrl-F2 evevn outside DTP the Take Note dialog opens. How can I unset this short cut?

DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sorter is where the Take Note hotkey is defined.


Strangely the preference window reports that ctrl-opt-cmd-N is assigned to Take Note. - How on earth does ctrl-F2 trigger it?

A few possibilities. It’s not the DEVONthink Take Note panel that’s opening but something else? You have a macro app like Keyboard Maestro or others that is looking for that shortcut and opening the panel? You have multiple version of DEVONthink installed and one of them is configured with ^F2?

Try rebooting. Or if that doesn’t work, then uninstall DEVONthink completely and reinstall it.

Thanks for the suggestions, korm. Will investigate.

Just to follow up on this strange problem:

It turns out that Ctrl-F2 was set by the macOS system (in the Keyboard Preferences, Pane “Shortcuts”, Section “Keyboard” to Move focus to the menu bar. This then somehow triggered the Take note dialog.

Switching off the macOS system shortcut resolves the problem.

Interesting… I had known about Control F8, but had not looked at Control-F2.