Custom color highlight blocking text in macOS high sierra

My custom color highlights now block the text, instead of highlight. The sad part is that I cannot seem to remove them. Running latest version 2.9.15

What does this mean?

It’s working with the default colors.
Also, you should see the cursor change over highlighted text. You should be able to right-click and choose Highlight Color > Off.

It means highlight colors that I have changed previously under Preferences, Colors. The default ones are too strong for my taste. When I hover over highlighted text from sierra the mouse changes all right. But now with high sierra no highlighing works. I also cannot select and delete the blocks of colors covering the text. When I select a block of color and use highlight OFF, nothing happens. The UNDO also does not help. Strange.

Did you use the default Apple Color Picker?

So when you right-click the highlighted text and choose Highlight Color > Off, it doesn’t clear?

What kind of document did you use? PDF, RTF, Formatted Note? In case of PDFs it’s a display glitch of High Sierra, the upcoming version 2.9.16 will include a workaround.

Correct, when I turn it off it does not work. I used PDF. I realize it’s a glitch because sometimes it works, so we’ll wait for a high sierra update :frowning: