Custom entry creation or plug-in support

I don’t know if anyone else would be interested in this feature or if it’s way too ambitious(in a negative way) but here goes.

Would it be possible to implement a feature to add custom database entries that hold data? Something like an xml file that describes a few simple fields. eg for a project description.

If this is just not within the aims of the program, then would it be possible that a plug-in architecture could be added so that users could create plug-ins to support other files and/or information?

BTW I’ve been looking for something like this program for over six months. If it had the above features, it would fit my needs exactly. It’s brilliant! Keep up the excellent work.

The Pro edition will handle "subdatabases" (forms, tables, im/export TSV/CSV etc.), e.g. to store addresses, bibliographic data etc. and will also be able to handle metadata (maybe not in the initial release but soon afterwards). In addition we want to add a plugin architecture to version 2.0 to im/export data.

Thanks for sharing that information, sounds good to me. I am also looking forward to Applescript support which should ease the crosstalk with other apps (in this case databases). Can’t wait to get my fingers on it, too bad it has been delayed. You might want to think about an open or closed beta which at least breaks some limits of the personal edition. At least I would hereby like to apply for a possible beta program  ;)

Hear, hear! A beta release would be most welcome. If there is such a possibility, I would also like to volunteer.

I’ve just added you and zakaria to the beta boards and our beta list but don’t expect the first beta within the next 4 weeks ;D