Custom & Generic Metadata

I need to include a reference to most/many of my references’ date of creation (note: the date the resource was originally written, not the date of my creation of the file) in metadata so I can search references by the year/month/day of their writing. I have created a custom metadata for “date” as per discussion forum and it appears in the list of custom metadata options - all good so far.

two additional needs that I am sure have been solved before but I cannot find via “Take Control” or forum discussions:

  1. Because of the importance of this metadata I’d like to revise the “Generic” inspector so it includes my new “date” metadata.

  2. I’d like my new metadata “date” to appear in respect of EVERY DT3 file - ideally in the Generic inspector view but, if that’s not possible for some reason, then at least in the Custom inspector view. I want to avoid having to manually add the new “date” metadata heading onto the Custom inspector view of each file.

I’m sure there’s an easy way to do this. Thanks.

Customizing the inspectors like that isn’t possible.

After adding the desired metadata to Preferences > Data, the field is shown for all items & databases in the Info > Custom inspector.