Custom Metadata and DTTG

I am pretty sure I know the answer but just checking…

Am I correct that DTTG 3 cannot display or edit custom metadata?

Probably beyond the scope of future plans for the app?

Correct. Custom metadata attribute creation, viewing, and editing are not supported in DEVONthink To Go.

At least viewing is in the list of future enhancements but this would require UI changes that may not be easily implemented on smaller iOS devices.

Imho the matter is about the future smart group supporting of metadata.

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I’m not sure waht you’re referring to here.

Even if custom metadata cannot be displayed on an iOS screen it would be very helpful for a smart group to be configured in iOS based on custom metadata criteria.

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Seconded – and for search keywords to support it. (At the moment I think not even all standard metadata is supported, for example I seem unable to search by aliases on DTTG.)

Two years after the original post, is this still the case? I find it somewhat odd that author is a custom field that I can’t even see on my iPad. This is a really important thing for me to know about the documents I work with.

Yes, this is still the case.
We’ve had very pressing issues to resolve and other features that required more attention. Support is still planned but will require more development, especially as it needs UI attention to accomplish.