Custom metadata as alias?

Is there a way to set a custom metadata field to be treated as an alias?

I have a set of text files in Devonthink, with wikilinking on. Each of which has a unique ID, that I enter into a custom field. At the moment, in order for the unique ID to act as a link within Devonthink, I need to then enter it again in the aliases area.

Double-entering isn’t a huge deal, but since there are over 4000 of these files… I’d like to avoid it if I can.

Would there happen to be a way to just have a custom field also act as an alias (or otherwise wiki-style link within the database)?

That could be reasonably easily scripted.

I’ve not read of anybody doing that. That’s not an authoratitive “no”, somebody else may well get back to you with a different answer. The handbook makes no mention of custom metadata in the general section on wiki linking.

Thanks! I imagine so. Delving into scripting is something I’d like to do sometime soon, but at the moment, it’s outside my skill-set.

Here’s hoping there’s a solution that’s native to the app, for now.


Tools - Batch Process


And to add a few cents to @rkaplan’s good suggestion…

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