Custom metadata drop-down item - how to delete


In Preferences>Data I have for my law library a field Topics whose Type is Set which is list of terminologies: for example Adverse Possession.

Obviously i can add or change a term to an entry but how can I delete it? I have tried adding a blank line to the list but it doesn’t display.

Just select the entry and click the “-” button below the list of values.

Thank you. But re-reading my op I didn’t make myself clear. it is not how to delete the item from the Set list but after I’ve added it to the enry how to delete it. I attach screenshot.

As you can see ‘Adverse Possession’ on the right hand-side. It’s that i want to delete/remove and not replace it with anything else.

That’s not possible currently but planned for upcoming releases. In the meantime one workaround is to add a value like “None” to the set.

Noted, thank you.