Custom Metadata:

The manual says

Predefined Custom Metadata: In Preferences > Data, we have provided some custom metadata fields to get you started.

In my preferences, I only see the barcode:

Am I doing something wrong?

This is showing abnormallly.

Did you add or modify the Barcode attribute?

  1. Quit DEVONthink.
  2. In the Finder, select the ​Go ​menu while holding the ​Option key​, then choose ​Library​.
  3. In Application Support/DEVONthink 3 move the CustomMetaData.plist to the Trash.
  4. Relaunch DEVONthink and check Preferences > Data again.

thx - that worked (as usual with your suggestions) :innocent:

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: