Custom ordering/relevance for Smart Group "Smart Custom Metadata"

Maybe this is possible already but I do not think so.

I would like to create my own ordering algorithm for a Smart Group.

The only way I think this might work would be to create a Smart Custom Metadata concept. The Smart Group could then be ordered by a custom relevance (Smart Custom Metadata) field in the same way that it can be sorted by Name or Kind today.

The custom relevance field would be of type Integer but the value would be assigned to each document/file found in a particular search, based on its relevance quality, as determined by the algorithm.

An advantage of this Smart Custom Metadata approach is the custom field could be used in traditional searches as well. The traditional search would be originally ordered by relevance but then could be re-sorted by the custom relevance field.

The critical factor for this request would be that the order of items displayed in the Smart Group would be determined by the custom algorithm.

For now, I would implement the algorithm in either something executed by an AppleScript or AppleScript its self.

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The request is noted but it would certainly not be trivial to implement.

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Not sure I understood what you have in mind, however this script sorts the children of a group or Smart Group by two criteria and shows the sorted result in a new window. Can’t recall whether I already tried it with custom meta data as one criteria. If sorting by custom meta data would be useful to you I would see whether it’s possible. Of course you could try it yourself too.

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Thank you. This might get me to the same destination just from a different path. There is much for me to learn from what you linked.

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