Custom Quick Look preview for item-link bookmarks


I would really like to have a Quick Look preview for bookmarks that point to a specific PDF page using the URL scheme, if this can be implemented. Ideally, instead of showing a placeholder icon, the preview would show the PDF document at the specified page, or even the page with highlighted text if specified in the reference URL (great addition to v3.9.0!).

It’s the only such request but it’s noted. Development will have to assess the broad interest and feasibility.

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Instead of using several bookmarks you could add the links to the book’s annotation (see Annotations & Reminder inspector). Clicking on the links jumps to the page/selection/annotation.

I don’t really use them to pull out chapters from monographs, but rather to pull out contributions to anthologies, which have multiple authors. That way I have the bookmark as a discoverable record among the other books and articles of an author in plain sight.

The alternative would be to manually duplicate the pages or to rip the original source apart. Also, this way I can create a separate annotation file for the article via the bookmark. The annotation file of the source (the anthology the article is in) will rather contain a link to this separate annotation file.

The next release will already support this.


Brilliant! Thanks a lot. :hugs:

I use bookmarks exactly the same way, and I too see strong usefulness for such a feature. Great to hear this is in the works :slightly_smiling_face:.


Selecting an item link bookmark now shows the linked document in the view/edit pane or a document window, provided the linked item is in an open database. The inspectors will display information about the linked item as if it is the active selection. If you need to edit information about the bookmark itself, hide the view/edit pane or open the Tools > Get Info popover.