Custom Search by Date Created possible?


Is there some way to find all the documents created/added in, for example, June 2008? For the moment it appears that the only options in Smart Groups and the Find menu item are Today, Yesterday … (all the way down to) … Last year.

If not, are there plans to add better search criteria for dates?

Steve J

Currently, this is not possible.
It has been brought up several times, though and I would like to see it, too. It just makes too much sense for a document managing tool.

To follow up on this, I’d like to see more power in working with dates.

I’m in the process of organizing a project in which I’ll be storing many notes along with referenced files. However, the notes have a “half-life”, or more specifically, I want to be able to designate, for each note, a “review” date. I’d like to define a smart group of items that are older than the review date. The reason of this is that the notes are time sensitive and eventually become out-dated. I want to find “old” notes and consider deleting them. Otherwise notes just accumulate, and unless I periodically comb through all notes to find old ones, the database keeps growing.

TD, like many other information managers, has tags, but what is needed are attributes which can be assigned a value (like Tinderbox). Date values would be essential in my case, and the ability to define a smart group of notes that are older than each assigned review date would help in maintaining the database. For each note in the smart group, I would determine whether it is no longer of value (and delete it), or assigned a newer review date.

I have a couple potential solutions here.

1). The existing dates like the modification date can be changed to whatever you’d like through scripting. I believe that scripts which will do this are included in DT by default.

2). Simply create an event in a special iCal calendar for the document using the scripts included in DT. These events have links back to the note by default. This is my own solution. iCal is much more suited to dealing with dates than DT will ever be. True, you can’t create a smart group in DT doing this but what could be simpler than looking a a calendar?

Tom S.


Any feedback?

Steve J

“I have a couple potential solutions here.”

Hmm… all I have is creation and modification dates to play with. I think I’ll leave creation date alone. Not sure I want to twiddle with modification date. But the reminder scripts may do the trick, especially using Thing instead of iCal.

I’ll play around with your ideas. Thanks.