Custom Search Set Not Being Used

Hi All,

My custom search set has stopped working. When I select my custom search set the search only runs on Google, Bing, and Microsoft.

I’ve tried duplicating the custom search set, restarted the program, but DA will not use my search set. Does anyone have any ideas?

Upon closer inspection. Google, Bing, and Microsoft are using my search terms for the sites that are included in the search set, but no results are populating in the Digest or Results tabs (like they were they just hours ago).

Is it possible that “Only new pages” is selected in the Window => Search Sets => Advanced tab (instead of “All pages”)? I have a distant memory that’s the out-of-the-box default setting.

Hi Nick, thanks for your help! I’ve just confirmed that “All pages” is selected. But what is weird, is that it is working like expected, which is great, but I would really like to know what caused the search to stop working.