Custom URL to app main page

Is there a url that will take you to the main page of the app? “x-devonthink://” takes you to the last opened page.

Welcome @sacoward

No, there is no URL for that.
Why - what are you trying to accomplish?

I use “Launcher” to take me directly to where I want (Favorites, Inbox, a MD Homepage I created). The main page of the app seems to be the only page I can’t create a shortcut for.

  • What Launcher?
    • And again, what are you trying to accomplish?

“Launcher” is a iOS app launching widget.
Again, I was just hopeful there was a way to open the app to main page of the app. Depending on what I am going to do in Devonthink, I use different shortcuts to take me where I want to go.

There is no URL since there’s no defined location in the app.
Likely not a solution but…

That’s what I figured, but it was worth a try. Thanks!

You’re welcome.