Custom View shows no info

“The Custom view shows metadata specified in Preferences > Data that has been applied.”

How come none of my files have any information in the Custom view? None of the options I set in preferences are brought over. Apart from date.

Edit: neither do I have the Annotate option in Data->New from template.

Do I need to install something to regain the Data-save from new template-annotations?

Or a clean install of DT3?

Screenshots would be useful.

This template isn’t part of version 3 as it’s obsolete, you could use the Annotations & Reminders inspector yet.

Ok, here goes. First time uploading screenshots here - hope it all goes well.

Thanks for helping out, cgrunenberg.

Did you enter any metadata in these fields? They don’t self-populate.

Though there’s no guarantee metadata will be found for every PDF, you could use a smart rule like this…


to this…

Add Bibliographic (1.3 KB)

Eureka! So they don’t self-populate - noe I see. Thanks for the script, BLUEFROG:)¨

Always appreciate your kind help.

Edit: @BLUEFROG It still doesn’t carry over the abstract by this is a considerable upgrade. Thanks!

You’re welcome. The script itself is from @cgrunenberg. I just put the smart rule together for you. :blush: