Custom Workflows per Database

I don’t have a single workflow common to all my DevonTHINK databases.

I’d like the ability to customize my workflow for some of my databases. To implement this, I think there need to be per-database preferences that can override the global Preferences. For example:

Label colors and names.

Databases often demarcate vastly different contexts. It would be useful if they could customize their labels for those contexts.

Toolbar functions.

The common operations performed in one database aren’t necessarily the same for others. It would be nice if the toolbar displayed just the operations deemed necessary for the current database.

What happens when you move or duplicate a record from one database to another? Do you end up with a Label that doesn’t belong the receiving database? Or does it switch contexts, even if that context is incorrect for that record?

This is an issue for me, too. I just added a comment to another thread requesting the ability to have custom data tied to specific databases. For example, I use one database to track my writing submissions, another for a collection of research papers, and a third for an inventory of artworks. These each have completely different label needs.

The request is noted but no there are no current plans to add per database labels.

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