Customer support unresponsive

I have posted a ticket with a question about purchasing the software 7 days ago, and i still have not received an answer to my question. Even though “No, we can’t help you” would suffice.
I have read some great reviews about the customer support being really prompt, and the contacts page says you would normally respond within 2 business days and here i am wanting to buy the software and my question is still left unanswered after 7 days.
I’m sorry I have to resort to posting in the forums but then i could not find a phone number to contact customer support, so i guess this is my last chance.

PS: my ticket number is: #931578


Your ticket was assigned to me as it’s a case that requires attention beyond the usual sales and support. Unfortunately I was busy and didn’t get to actually work on it as I was buried in development and company matters. My apologies. You will receive a reply soon.

Thank you! I received a reply from you and that was exactly what i was looking for.