Customize how DT generates a PDF from a website

In DT on the Mac I can save a webpage as PDF (One Page) to the Inbox:
Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 4.40.21 pm

However the resulting PDFs have for most websites quite a bit more white space around the sides as an equivalent webarchive. I really want to move to PDFs for data longevity reasons but it would be nice if I could somehow set something like a zoom level or reduce the margins of the PDF generator.

Any way to customize this? - Any pointers appreciated!

Clutter-free is currently the only available option, the layout can’t be customized otherwise.

Thanks. I see.

Is it possible for me to plugin another url-to-pdf converter?

I can use the converter built into Firefox (and there I can set the margins to 0), but saving the webpage to a file (which than gets imported into Dt3) looses the webpage URL. :frowning:

That’s not possible.

Thanks. Then it is what it is…

How do you feel about switching your view (in Safari) to the reader option? That strips the rubbish from the page but keeps any in text images. You can set font size and colour yourself while in Safari. Then you can save to pdf and set the location as your Global Inbox.

Some pages don’t convert well to “clutter-free” I’ve found (too much clutter to strip!) but this works on Mac and iPad.


Definitely an idea! Thanks,