Customized icons on Databases and Favorites are not synced

Host A Host B
Database image image
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I can’t quite remember if the icons of the “ToLearn” and “Bookmarks” were added by myself or synced, most likely the former.

The customized icons are not part of the database, it’s just a Finder icon and therefore currently not synchronized. And there are no plans to change this as e.g. in a team people might prefer different icons.

Can I work around this in any way?

I would argue that sharing directory icons between teams make sense too, since that’s how macOS and all sorts of syncing works, Dropbox, iCloud, Samba, NFS you name it, I just can’t find one that isn’t.

However, I agree that favorites could be an exception, for I kind of get it that it is designed to be different from user to user.

I get it that DT3 is not like the above, but please consider to support icon syncing or make it a preference, it makes it so much easier when you look at a list of folders(same icons don’t provide any information at all).

No, you have to change the icon on each computer on its own.

If you add customized icons on items inside a database itself (eg groups), are those synced ?

Sure. In this case it’s part of the database.

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Great, thanks!

If that’s the case I think it is enough to work and I got it wrong.

If the icon is added to an index folder in Devonthink, should not be the icon be seen in Finder? (this is not the case in my case).

No. Development would have to assess if this is feasible.

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@cgrunenberg do you think the ability to add icons from Devonthink “groups” to the Finder Folders directly would make sense? This would be a nice “opt-in” feature.

We’ll consider this for future releases.