customizing AI weight

Is it possible to adjust the weight the AI accords a given word? I’ve the vaguest recollection of reading something about that once, but have been unable to find anything in the manual or the forums. :frowning:

Here’s the scenario I’m interested in doing something about: one of my databases has a pile of docs that are similar in having several identical subheadings under which the main data of the note are entered.

Those headings happen to heavily weight the See Also function, but as far as the specific data go, they’re completely irrelevant. I’d like to be able to exclude them, so that only the specific, non-repeated data get compared. Can I?



Thanks Christian. Swift, pithy, and clear. :slight_smile:

Would this be desirable functionality in general, were implementation not too disruptive?

Or does it seem to compromise a core philosophical commitment, to the effect that DT should be left to do as much of the thinking as possible?

That’s right. We’re trying to simplify the software and therefore lots of preferences and commands have been removed during the last years. We will add new ones of course if there’s a common demand for them.

But could you not support a file in which the user could put a list of words which the AI should ignore? (well, you could, but the question is “would you please, please, please support” etc).

A future release might make words excludable via the concordance.

The idea of excluding words via the concordance could be very useful, it seems to me.