CustomShortcuts doesn't activate shortcuts on DTP (Mac OS Sonoma)

Thanks to this support page, I found the existence of CustomShortcuts, and installed it on my MacMini2 under OS Sonoma, granting it the necessary access authorizations. I succeeded in creating a shortcut for DTP within the softword, namely to create a new Markdown document.

Back to DTP3, when I tap the sequence of keys of the shortcut (in my case Shift+Cmd+M), nothing happens. I’ve closed and restarted DTP3, still nothing. I can see the shortcut in the CustomShortcuts app, but it doesn’t seem to activate. The app’s page is rather sober on explanations. What did I miss, and what should I do?

And BTW, does CustomShortcuts have to be active for the shortcuts to work (which it is now)? And has DTP3 any inbuilt custom shortcuts ability (as I would rather not open to many apps at once)?

That’s already the shortcut ofFormat > Make Link.

Shortcuts can be customized via System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Apps.

Thanks. Didn’t know about Mac OS. So I changed my shortcut to Shift+Cmd+M.
I realize the issue comes from the fact that New Markdown Note doesn’t appear in CustomShortcuts. Instead New Linked Markdown Note appears, which is not what I am looking for.
Similarly, no items are suggested for “Bookmarks”.

A related difficulty comes from the fact that menus appear in English even if your OS language is set to another language, French for example.

You changed it to the one that’s already defined for something else? Why?

I think that the company providing the software you’re having trouble with might be better placed to help you. It’s not DT that’s giving you grief here if I understand correctly.

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And BTW, does CustomShortcuts have to be active for the shortcuts to work (which it is now)?


I use Opt-M to create a new Markdown file via Keyboard Maestro. It is not pre-defined for anything else in DT that I’m aware of, so maybe try that shortcut instead.