"Cut" And "Split Document" No Longer Available In Thumbnail Inspector

When scanning multi-page documents, the thumbnail inspector had cut and paste available. Now “Cut” is grayed out, as is “Split Document.” (Please see attached example.) I’ve reviewed my settings to see if I changed anything, but can’t find the setting that may be affecting this.

If you have insight/instructions that’ll help me restore these functions, can you kindly help me out here?



Please search in the forum. “PDF” and “greyed” (or “grayed”) are useful terms in this context – the topic is kind of trending since days.

Okay, I’ll do that now. Thanks for the tip. I’ll only post again here (in this thread) if I can’t find my answer.

Just in case anyone comes across this thread with a similar problem, search the forums for ForceEditablePDFs

Welcome @j-mobile

That is not the full answer for this situation. That is an option you could use but it doesn’t resolve an actual PDFKit issue. You should be aware of that.
We are working on the algorithm for the next release to minimize false positives.

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I have the same problem with scanned pdf documents. Never occurred before. PDF which have been scanned and imported prior to this show display the option though.

See other posts, including this one, for possible solutions to your problem.

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The bug has been fixed with the update to current version 3.9.2.

Thank you very much for your constant work and support!