Cut/copy and paste items and groups

This is a feature request that’s already in this forum, but it’s eight years old and I’m not sure that’s still monitored, so I’ll be forward and request it again, with apologies if that’s superfluous:

• Working with items and groups in DT windows is very Finder-like, which is why it would be really great if I could do what I can do in Finder: copy a document or folder with command-C, and paste it somewhere else with command-V (optionally deleting it in the original location with command-option V).

If I’ve observed correctly, copy-paste from a window now does different things depending on context: copy one item copies the content of it, copy multiple items just copies the titles, both work when pasting in a document window.
In the same way, paste could be made to be context-sensitive in that if the pasting is in a group window (possibly with a group selected) the entire items selected at copy time would the pasted in that window (or group). This would not break any other uses of copy and paste (which I use extensively as well :slight_smile: )

Why don’t you use the Sorter to Data > Move to locate the destination group and just drag and drop?

That is surely a good alternative. But I find that, being accustomed to copy-pasting documents in the Finder, the Finder-like environment of DT windows keeps tricking me into thinking it will work there, too. Using DT would therefore be more seamless if it did, even though objectively other methods are equally or even more efficient.

Im curious: Are you a former Windows user?

Absolutely not :slight_smile: But it was then one thing I grudgingly had to accept Windows had on the Mac, until Apple came around and implemented it, too.

I’m a hardcore drag and dropper. No cut and paste of files for me ever. :slight_smile:

I juist realized why exactly drag and drop doesn’t work for me in DT3, and copy/paste would.
In many cases, hitting control-command M and choosing where to move, is fine.
But usually, the file I want to move is on the left, and the target is a window on the right. And the move command basically comes down to calling up another list of the targe window, as a menu, in a different sort order as well. That’s disorienting.
So then you just drag and drop, right? Only, I work on a pretty small, pretty old laptop. (I’m sure I’m not the only one.) If I start drag-dropping, perhaps go to a folder and wait for it to open so I can drill down, etcetera, the mouse movement can get jerky, I go the wrong way and have to backtrack, maybe my finger gets tired and relaxes a little… on frequent occasions, I drop the file in the wrong folder and have to go hunt for it.
So for people like me, with a slow machine and perhaps a slight motor control issue, a copy, then a series of clicks to select the destination and finally a confident paste would be just the ticket.

Yes, I generally just drag and drop.

PS: My main Macs are a mid-2012 13" MacBook Pro and a late-2015 13" MacBook Pro. :slight_smile: