cutting and pasting with-in a document

We are trying to move from Paperport (PC) to DT. I cannot find a method of cutting and pasting with-in a document ?


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Korm, Thanks for the reply

we scan all into OCR/PDF docs.


“Paste” select from another doc and insert into the page I am working on.



Such cut and paste editing of a selected area of OCRed PDFs is not possible in DEVONthink or in Preview, Apple’s application for viewing PDFs. Very limited editing of a selected area of a PDF is possible in Acrobat for Mac.

What can be done in DEVONthink is to select an area of a PDF and capture the text content of that area to the clipboard for pasting into another document that accepts text input, or to use Data > Convert > to rich (or plain) text, which will create a new .rtf or .txt document that contains the full text content of the PDF. For a variety of reasons, the text content of an OCRed PDF may contain errors. Any such errors may be corrected by using the image view of the PDF as the “master”. But it is not possible to correct OCR errors in the “text layer” of the searchable PDF itself, except through the limited editing feature of Acrobat, which changes both the image and text “layers” (such editing in Acrobt is sheer drudgery, and is usually detectable).

Some OCR applications for the Mac allow options for the output. For example, using the ABBYY OCR module that’s included with DT Pro Office, we could choose between producing a PDF the image layer of which is a faithful image of the original document, such as scanner output from paper copy, or a PDF the image layer of which displays the text results of OCR recognition of the original.

DEVONtechnologies chose the first option, as that produces a PDF image layer that’s a faithful representation of the original document that was scanned or converted to a searchable PDF. The second option above is obviously subject to OCR text conversion errors, so is not a faithful representation of the original.

For example, if I scan a paper copy of a contract or other legal document to a searchable PDF in my DT Pro Office database, it’s important that the searchable PDF be a faithful copy of the original contract, and that the image layer not be incorrect because of possible OCR errors.

I scan invoices and receipts that have tax consequences into my financial database. If I were to be subjected to a tax audit, I can demonstrate that my records meet the requirements of digital copies of such documents that are set by our Internal Revenue Service, as they are faithful representations of original invoices or receipts.

Suppose, however, that I have a paper contract that contains blemishes such as coffee stains and handwritten annotations in the text areas. The resulting searchable PDF after scanning will contain recognition errors. If it’s very important that I be able to search for the terms in that PDF, I could make a rich or plain text conversion of it and correct that text document, using the image of the searchable PDF as the master for purposes of correction. Then I can rely on searches of that companion text document.

The availability of that “master” in the PDF image is especially important when one doesn’t keep the original paper copy after scanning – I try to get rid of as much paper as I can.

I haven’t used PaperPort for many years. If the current version allows easy modification of the image layer of PDFs, I would consider that a quality assurance problem and would avoid it like the plague. If, on the other hand, it preserves the image layer but allows correction of OCR errors (which I doubt, from your description), that would be something I’ve wished for for years.

I really appreciate your detailed response. And, yes you are correct PaperPort currently does offer easy modification of the image layer.

I need to be able to do that on certain documents, however About 99% of the documents that are scanned need the original image, and the sanctity of the document that goes with it.

As you may have gathered we are new to Mac and are in the process of converting all but a few proprietary programs over to it.

DEVONthink looks like a well-rounded program can handle much of the storage of paperwork and a couple of additional areas we have been using, with better sorting capability. :smiley:

Being newbies will probably come to this forum for more sage advice in the future. Although I’m sure most of this is in the manual sometimes it’s very hard to ferret out along with terminology that is different.

Again thank you very much