DA Archive items won't delete

I’ve got half a dozen groups in the archive that resulted from previous searches. I’ve been trying to delete them, which appears to work all right at the time, but when I quit the program and relaunch it the items are still in the archive. I"ve used both the right click method and the Delete button.

I’m running DA personal edition, 2.0.2 beta2

Because I’ve had several projects requiring accumulation of archives for scheduled searches, my Archive held a number of folders and more than 15 thousand pages.

I just deleted 5 groups from the Archive. Because I was low on free memory at the time, DEVONagent took a while to delete the selected groups. When DA finished, I quit and relaunched DA. The deleted folders were actually deleted and were no longer present in the Archive.

My MacBook Pro is running the same version of DA as you are.

Have you done the routine OS X maintenance procedures lately (Disk Utility’s permissions repair and disk repair routines)? Try that and see if your problem persists. I also recommend running OnyX or Cocktail (or similar utility) to clean out caches, etc. periodically.

I just ran the daily, weekly, and monthly cron jobs, emptied the user cache, and repaired permissions with Disk Utility. Same problem with DA.
I takes a few seconds to delete a group with 400 files, but they’re still there on relaunch. If you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate hearing them. This isn’t a critical problem, by the way, just a mild annoyance at this point.

Did you check the permissions of the ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Archive folder and its contents? Because the description of the problem sounds that DA couldn’t update the files.

Permissions were read-write for owner, but I made them read-write for everyone, to no avail. Then I deleted the archive plist, no change, then finally renamed the Archive folder itself and started over. Appears to be working fine now.

The archive is created as an action following a search, and I just deleted it sucessfully.
Thanks for your help.