DA/no reaction to print command

I find an article on the web that I want to save as pdf as is shown when printed. I push the Print button on the web page. The address/command is “javascript: window.print();”

This works in Safari but not in DA.

Thanks for your help!

In DA check Preferences > Web to see if Java and JavaScript are enabled. Note that there may be reasons to turn these off.

But I never trust the ‘Print’ commands on a Web page, as some designers use weird stuff.

The print command will always work if you press File > Print or use the keyboard shortcut Command-P.

Thanks Bill for your prompt reply. In the Preferences both these options are active.

I may have been unclear in what this “print”-command does: it makes the article in a layout that is more proper for printing on a paper. It is NOT a print command for printing the ordinary web page layout. Otherwise I could have done it the way you mention.

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Netscape and Firefox work together with Safari. DA does NOT work.

When I point at the Print-command using the DA I can see the above quoted instruction as an URL address in the browser. That I can’t see doing the same in the other browsers.

Who has the blame (as you indicate) for (bad) quality in this case I don’t know. I tend to think that it is more near to think that DA has a “homework” t do than the newspaper’s webmaster as the other three browsers work. Or do I misunderstand you?

Anyway this issue is not serious in itself to be frank. However it affects my trust for the product as a newbie. And only in this way the issue has some importance.

Thanks again for your never ending energy to reply. I have enjoyed reading many of your replies in this forum.

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Do you have an example URL for me so that I could reproduce this over here? Thanks!

This is the exact example:
svd.se, then go to the left column under the heading “Snabblänkar A-Ö” and select “Under strecket”. There you find articles to choose from. Select for instance the first one: “Japan…”. Now you see the full article. After the introductory five lines you select “Skriv ut” (i e Print). There it does not say “Boom” as Steve Jobs would have expressed it… :wink:

I e when you point at “Skriv ut” you can see the exact java instruction as mentioned before. The rest I have told you before.

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That’s not officially supported by Apple’s WebKit but this will be implemented by DEVONagent 2.1.

Thanks for your reply. Please clarify to me what is not implemented by Apple’s Webkit that is working with Safari. I don’t understand what problem you have found and what you intend to implement later.

Thanks for your support.

The WebKit and Safari are NOT identical - the WebKit is the public framework for third-party developers but Safari has (and uses) direct access to all internals.

Thanks for your answer. I was for a sec thinking that DA could be the best browser to use as it is very clean and very fast. But of course that was not your intention. In that case bookmarks and other thingies might be needed.