DA not returning results from custom search set

I’m trying to use DA to find screenplays online. I’m using three different websites, for now:

I’ve set DA to max depth level and scanned to “Linked Documents”.

My problem is that I’m only getting results from imsdb.com and not the other two, although I can go to the other two websites and enter them in the search box and find them.

I’ve tried removing the scanner, which didn’t help.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but any help would be appreciated.

To search a complete site, you’ll have to create plugins for them first. Just select File > New Plugin… and set the URL to www.imsdb.com for example. Afterwards add them to a new search set and disable following of links & filtering of similar pages in this case.

Note: The “Sites” tab of search sets is just a list of webpages to scan or to use as starting points (and to follow links on them).

Thank you.

I’m still having some issues with setting this up. First, I’ve made a plugin called “Screenplay Search”.

I created additional plugins for each site I listed, but do I add the url for the home page or the search page? For instance, do I add:
http://www.script-o-rama.com/oldindex.shtml or do I add http://www.script-o-rama.com/search.shtml which brings you to the search page? And if I use the search page, does DA consider this a webpage or search engine? I entered it as a webpage, as I assume that search engine is just the typical bing, yahoo, google…

Now for setting up my plugin, I made the default query blank, so I can enter the specific script I’m looking for and I entered the following for my secondary query:
(Movie OR Film) AND (Script OR Screenplay)

I think I’m screwing up when it comes to the query. My thinking was that if I enter the film “True Grit” that I don’t want any pages relating to the book/novel but the film or movie and I just want the screenplay or script. So I enter “True Grit” in the default search box.

Would I use a Scanner with this plugin? Most scripts that I like are either pdf files or htlm. Should I use a “Linked Documents” scanner option? I haven’t had much luck with this option, although it makes sense for me to have it ticked. Perhaps, I’m misunderstanding this.

Just enter the domain script-o-rama.com and select “Website”.

By entering a secondary query, only pages matching this query are returned. That’s probably not intended.

Enabling PDF & PostScript documents (see “Advanced” settings) might be more suitable, afterwards both PDF & HTML files are accepted.