DA quits on deep scan

I hadn’t used the deep scan since upgrading to 2.1 but today I tried it for the first time and it quits after a few seconds of searching. I haven’t had the crashing problem on other types of searches, just the deep scan. I have used deep scan on the prior revisions of DA without a problem, so this crashing is a new one to me. I’m on a PowerBook 1.67 GHz with 1 GB RAM and the memory doesn’t approach capacity before crashing…

Anyone else experiencing this?

I haven’t had problems with deep scans, although I usually don’t need to go very deep.

It could be one of those usually rare Apple WebKit errors, perhaps triggered by a particular page you hit, or something else.

If you like, you can copy your DEVONagent crash report and send it (as an email attachment) to Support for analysis.

I have the same problem, although I’m just in the trial period.

It’s a rare bug of Cocoa’s URL handling, the next maintenance release will use a different solution and therefore be reliable again.

ASAP please as it is THE reason I bought this software. Also and I suppose it is rerlated, I have noticed that applications slow down when Devenagent is functioning.

This is not a “maintenance release” issue–please sort this one out as soon as possible–my research has ground to a snail’s pace without this one central tool.

Is there a way to “downgrade” while this gets fixed?

Just send me an email (cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com) and I’ll send you the current beta fixing this issue.

I just downloaded the current demo 2 days ago and am having very much the same problems but with me it can happen on default scan as well as deep. with simple or complex search terms.

The older [round xmas time] demo did the exact same thing and so I left it for a while to see if it got fixed.

I am on a macbook pro 1gig ram

Do you think this may be the same problem ? and if so does this beta have anything that a download from 2 days ago would not have ?

Or should I wait till I get another crash and send in the crash reports contents ?

Any and all advice appreciated as I would love to own and use agent but cant whilst it keeps crashing on me like this. :wink:

See my previous post - just send me an email if you want access to the beta fixing the problem.

Hi I sent you an email

Looking fwd to trying the fix, and Thank you.

I am also have the crash problem. First time I’ve run deep scans in quite a while.

Anybody had success with the beta solving the crashes?

John Robert
iBook G4
Mac OS 10.4.10
DA 2.1

I’m not part of the beta for the new DA (using 2.3.1 here) but still having crashes upon deep scans.

See Christian’s offer above, if you would like a beta that fixes the problem.