DA seems to have stopped working. Is it me?

I haven’t used DA in a few weeks. I opened it today, checked for updates (none available), and did a search.Screen seemed to indicate 94 “finds.” But all are empty. Additional searches–for anything–also showed no results. Log seems to indicate all sites were somehow excluded.

What am I missing?

Have you excluded domains? And what plugin or search set and terms are you using?

I haven’t (knowingly) excluded domains. I seemed to have defaulted to the “Marketing” set, which is unchanged. After trying a drug name-- Myrbetriq–and getting no results, I tried my name: Joel Nathaniel Orr. Likewise nothing.


The Marketing Set is full of Mac related websites. Check out the Sites tab.
This is a search on the built-in Clinical Trials

Thank you, Bluefrog!


My pleasure. Happy searching! :slight_smile: