DA to DT...Missing something?

I set up a group called “coal pile search results” in DT, went to Preferences>Import and set “New notes” to the group “coal pile search results.” Went to DA and did my search. Located relevant web pages then used DEVONthink>Add selection to send the page (or page selection) to DT as an rtf. But the pages are not going into the “coal pile search results” group, they are being added at the bottom of my vertical split view. Why aren’t they going where I wanted them? FYI, I’m using the new versions of both programs.

thanks in advance,

Because the “New Notes” pref only defines the location for notes created using the Services menu. DEVONthink uses a direct interface and does not honor this preference. We’ll have a second look at this mechanism.



Great! I think that capability from DEVONagent to DT would be great. It would save a lot of repetitive moving of imported notes.