DA webbrowser crashed all my tabs are gone, how can I restor

DA crashed on me while working with 5 open windows full of tabs on the web browser. I got the system window to either ignore or reopen the application. I clicked on reopen and all the tabs were gone even though the preferences for DA were so arranged that all browsers open upon quit would be reopened. I need to get those tabs back as looking for that information would be slow and painful. Is there any way to do so?



The tabs would probably not have been lost had you clicked on “Ignore” rather than “Reopen”.

You can use the History menu to capture the URLs back into a set of tabs. Just open tabs and poke around in History until you find each of the pages that had been set as tabs. Click on a page and it will be placed in the currently open tab.

I thought about that, but apparently, DA only keeps the history of tabs from the last two days, so everything that was opened before that appears to be gone. Is there a possibility to access DA’s history beyond the last two days?



In the future, you can save DA tabs as “workspaces” and then their content is in a plist file in your Library application preferences.

It would be great to have much more extensive logging to a text file somewhere… maybe toggled via a hidden preference… for power users.