daft question... but diff detween DA and DAexpress

Hi folks

somewhat a bit of a daft question as I think I know the answer but thought it might be nice to here an “official” reason…

what is the reason for having DA over just getting DAexpress for a lot cheaper??

(I already have DA… but just curious about when it comes to upgrade DA to v3 when it is released)

cheers from Oz

I suspect that if you delve into DEVONagent a little deeper, you’ll begin to appreciate the differences. Try the DEVONagent 3.0 public beta if you have not done so already. You get a lot more from DEVONagent than what is packaged with DEVONagent Express. For the users that want better searching capabilities than what you get using search engines in a browser without the overhead and learning curve of DEVONagent, DEVONagent Express fills the need. For those of us wanting more, especially the synergy with DEVONthink, DEVONagent offers a lot more features (from the product page):

Professional Research Architecture

More than 80 plugins for web search engines and databases
Search sets let you quickly switch between search parameters
Site crawler scans a list of URLs (“your private little Google”)
Filters and scanners filter out data not needed, delivering e.g. only pages offering PDF files, email addresses, images, etc.
High-end Boolean search operators like NEAR, BEFORE, NEXT, AFTER, or OPT as well as parentheses and wildcards increase search accuracy
Searchable, built-in archive like DEVONthink
Web browser with research-centric tools

Built-in Artificial Intelligence

Topics, automatically extracted from the results
Interactive map shows relations between topics
Dynamic summarization adapts to selected topics
Shows similar search results (‘See also’), also from the Web and from open DEVONthink Pro databases
Language detection

Extension & Automation

Plugin Assistant to easily create new plugins
Search sets can have attached actions, as well as be scheduled to run repeatedly and even unattended
Growl support
AppleScript support
Automator actions
Example scripts available for download
XML plugins can be easily created, tutorial is available

I have just been looking a bit at DEVONAgent. I have a license for 2.x, but have not used it much.

I downloaded 3.0 to give it a try though and saw that you now also have an express version on the app store. Given the previous answer, am I correct in assuming the following are missing from the express version:

  • boolean operators
  • topic map
  • apple script support
  • integration with DEVONThink
  • filters
  • “AI” - see also

These seem like the key differences, am I right?

DEVONagent Express supports boolean operators but doesn’t include e.g. a browser, digest, archive, the possibility to create your own plugin & search sets.

But if we purchase both, can we use DevonAgent Pro to create search sets that DA express can use? I would like to add DevonAgent Express solely for the “View your results directly in the menu” capability, unless Devonagent Pro has this functionality already :question: :question: :question:

DEVONagent Pro includes DEVONagent Express, see Preferences > Menu Extra.