Dark background setting


I would really appreciate if the option for “using dark background” would be more accessible.
Certain circumstances or some documents requires different readability and the option for this should not be hidden in the general settings.

There is already a great place for that with the always accessible fourth button (display options).


No promises but the request is noted.

I have a trick for that. In DTTG I have enabled the option, and iPhone has dark mode automatic. But I’ve added the Dark Mode button to Control Center. Then, if it is late but I’m afraid of some inverted images :sweat_smile:, I open Control Center from drop menu and enable/disable dark mode and DTTG changes.

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This effects the sidebar as well but this is indeed a good workaround. Thanks for sharing the idea.

@Devonthink: Please make it possible anyway as most people use the app for reference lookup and want to continue app switching in dark mode.

I can understand that someone want to use dark mode. But what makes you think it is “most people”? I for one abhor it, because it useless for me with normal fonts. Or rather with antiqua fonts that are not at least semi bold.
I’m so old that I still remember the horror of green on black and amber on black and rejoiced when finally black on white screens were usable. Well, everything comes back, apparently.

Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. I remember this times as well :slight_smile:

Talking about “most people” I didn’t mean the dark mode itself but the fact, that DT is mainly a reference system and probably often used together with other apps.
Thats why it would be helpful to have more control within each app depending on the content your working on without the need to change the settings systemwide/appwide.

In my other apps I prefer dark mode - in DT I prefer dark OR light mode extremely dependent on the current content.

Adding a +1