Dark Mode for iPad/iphone

Not trying to be argumentative here, but did you really expect that DevonTech should give away their iOS/iPadOS products for free? And if so, why haven’t you used it before now as you have been using DEVONthink for macOS for 10 years?

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We admit this too but, again, we’re a small company and getting DEVONthink 3 out of the door needed all resources (and still binds them).

No, it is totally reasonable to charge, most tools do for alternate platforms. But it is a bit of a mystery on the site, you don’t find out about any of the ios details until you launch it in the app store. And even then what is included and what is an extra charge is unclear. For example the extra $8 to view sheets. I don’t expect it to be free, but I do expect some information before hand. If there are any details about the ios version, I couldn’t find them on the site. Communication : good. Hiding costs and details : bad.

I have been using DTPro for 14 years. I have only integrated a tablet into my workflow in last year. I had no need for DT on device in the past. I knew it existed, but never used it.


Any news about the dark mode on iOS / iPadOS?

Thanks in advance

Yes, but we’re also adding more i(Pad)OS 13 features before we make it a nice little package to be dropped on your porch :slightly_smiling_face:



Oh! Excellent!

Can I add support for wikilinks and a quick action bar for Markdown formatting in my letter to Santa Claus?

I would be the happiest man if Santa Claus could read this letter :slight_smile:

The requests are noted but bear in mind you are not describing trivial things to implements.
And Santa doesn’t have a squadron of elves. (They only work during the Christmas season😉)

The elves work all year round to make the toys and dreams of wise children. Santa delivers all those dreams in one night.

I only hope that the few working elves will have time to look into it so that a big kid can have a nice update on December 25th when he wakes up. I assure you that I’ve been very wise all year long! :innocent:

So a December 25th, but I let you choose the year according to your possibilities :wink:

Already, with the dark mode in the next update, this big kid will be extremely happy. The rest there are alternative solutions :muscle:t2:, but none for the dark mode.

Haha! Well played. :slight_smile:

I’ve not got a porch :cry: kinda hoping I can have a great DTTG update even so :nerd_face: actually, I’m quite looking forward to that - smart groups and the ability to manipulate metadata would be pretty neat

Any updates on dark mode now that ios 14 is out? Thanks!

The next major update to DEVONthink To Go will include dark mode. And no, we don’t give release dates before we submitted anything to Apple.


And when do you plan to submit something to Apple?
Okay, well… "NO we don’t give dates… »

I am tired of this cat and mouse game, gentlemen.

Seriously guys, it’s just a dark mode… Why did you decide to combine it with a stratospheric update?

We need the dark mode… The rest we can wait… or not…


Sorry you’re disappointed in our policies but there are more pressing things to tend to regarding DEVONthink To Go at this time, so dark mode will only come in the next major release.

PS: Everyone thinks their pet feature request is the most important, whether it’s multiple windows, contextual menus, or even dark mode. But logically not everything can be “the most important”, so unfortunately (but again, logically) someone is always going to feel unhappy at some point.

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For all the missing features at the moment, the dark mode is the “only” one where we have NO alternative.
I am visually impaired.
Dark mode has become a standard, so much so that some operating systems manage it internally…
It is a lack of DTG for quite some time, in no way a feature claimed by only a few.
The dark mode allows to compensate a lot of handicaps…
It’s not a personal request, it’s an accessibility feature for those who can’t read on backlit screens.

I don’t understand why you decided to integrate it in a major update… People like me need it… Physically need it… Or maybe you didn’t know that the dark mode is a breath of fresh air for some disabled people to read and work comfortably.

So I would wait wisely, without being able to use DTG for more than 15min.

I can’t wait another year without any visibility on a possible update.
I need to work in mobility.
So I’m switching to Roam Research + Evernote + Pdf expert which both offer a dark mode on all my devices.

I will see, when the update comes out, if it will allow me to work serenely in dark mode.


I agree, dark mode is not a feature. It’s a must have.


+1 to new release of DTTG. A number of bugs need to be fixed & still waiting. Annotation bug fix and dark mode.

+1 for dark mode support in DTTG. Better to make a late request than never.

For a future release…
I also don’t understand why DevonThink takes so long and I’m annoyed by this.
Dark Mode is supported by Apple since iOS 13. By now we have iOS 14, but DevonThink To Go is still at the level of iOS 12!

Pretty simple: When you make a big internal change, like, say, introducing multi-scene support, there is no way for making it a “maintenance update”. Especially when people are expecting a “huge, exciting upgrade”. But, be assured, dark mode is working here and it won’t be long anymore before we release it.

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