Dark Mode support on macOS Mojave

I’m wondering if there is any plan to add support for the Dark Mode interface in macOS Mojave.

Thanks for the feedback, there are indeed such plans for future versions.

Safari’s “Clip to Devonthink” Extension looks awful with Dark mode enabled on 10.14:

Is LCD font smoothing enabled on your computer, see system preferences? The font rendering looks usually a lot better without it.

I’m excited to hear that Dark Mode will be supported.

I’m also starting to feel a bit guilty about the length of time it’s been since I’ve paid for a DEVONthink upgrade - when will I be able to give you some more money in exchange for a new version? :smiley:

I’m very much hoping a new version of DTPO that supports a dark mode is coming sooner rather than later. I’m digging Mohave and dark mode in most of my apps, DTPO is just visually jarring at this point.

We have very high priority things going right now. Dark mode is a low priority item but will be supported in the future.

Some of your competitors have already implemented the dark mode. I do not know if your priorities scale is correct.

@javicu: Our priorities are our own as a company, with our own path and plans. We are not trying to be anyone but ourselves, developing and delivering great software for our market and our own satisfaction too. Dark mode will likely come in a future release, but it is not on our short list at this time.

the Devonthink group’s priorities are indeed and obviously their own. And while great software companies (of which I consider you guys to be one) make software they themselves enjoy using, the best also solicit the opinions of their customers, endeavor to find out how they use it, and how they can make the software more effective and enjoyable for their customer base to use.

As someone who started using Devonthink over 10 years ago, one of my perceptions is that you guys place a high priority on function and very little priority or thought to form. The UI on this product is essentially unchanged in over a decade. I would assert that a strong and attractive UI experience isn’t frivolous, it’s a core part of the software user experience. I was disappointed to come back to the product after a multi-year absence to find it looks identical to the first version I bought many, many years ago. I do wish you guys would invest some resources in updating the UI.

Now, I also understand that I might be the only user you have who feels that way. What might be a fruitful and interesting experience for you guys is to ask your user base what changes THEY would most like to see in the product. Some of the best software I use comes from companies that actively and consistently poll their users to better understand how their software is being used and where their customer’s pain points are with their products, and then adjust their development roadmap accordingly.

I love the power and robust functionality of your products. And, I use them in spite of the UI, not because of the UI. I would love for the visual aspect of the product to be as strong as its underlying functionality.

Just 100% of MHO:

(1) For those who use DTPO on a regular basis and who appreciate/need the uniqueness of this program, I don’t think anyone will stop using DTPO because of no dark mode support. In fact, after using dark mode, it is now easier for me to find the many floating DTPO windows!
(2) I do think some functional updates are essential. More specifically, support for customised metadata fields and improved smart group functions. The trade-off of maintaining consistency on tags in Finder and DTPO is that tag becomes a very crude and the only fast way of meta-data management in DTPO.
(3) HOWEVER, PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME. Each of us has so many differences in ways of managing info within DTPO and uses so many different and customised scripts, it is essential to make sure that any significant upgrade won’t mess up with the integrity of users’ current data structure.
(4) Finally, a more modern interface may help to attract new users to try using DTPO but probably doesn’t help much to keep them if they don’t like DTPO’s approach/learning curve. A similar example is Scrivener (this program also has steep initial learning curve), the most attractive feature of its latest version is not the interface, it’s the improved flow of writing management.

Looking forward to see the next major functional upgrade.

Thanks for the feedback! Custom metadata, a more modern user interface (including dark mode support) and much more are actually in the pipeline.

Please add another vote to bump Dark Mode up.

I’m not going to leave/switch without it (apps too good!) but it is seriously jarring to use. Would really appreciate consistency across Dark Mode!

Thanks for the consideration,


Thanks for the reply.
Good luck with your priorities, which unfortunately do not coincide with mine. Luckily I have never been a captive user of any software (I use several applications similar to DTPO) and at every moment I can choose to approach who better aligns their priorities with mine. Small details can decide me for one or other app (for example … to be able to choose a dark mode if I feel like it).
Adios y hasta la vista.

Terrific, this is great to hear and I look forward to these new features being implemented.

[size=150]When a program is SO good and as useful as DTPO I prefer not to worry about improving the form because, above all, I prefer to improve the capabilities and its operation. For the rest, I can wait and be welcome when it happens.[/size]

Another vote for moving dark mode up on the list of planned improvements.

Ok, but let’s get down to business: As a DTPO user, when can I buy the upgrade? :slight_smile:

@inicjator: When it’s available for sale. :mrgreen:

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In the meantime I’ll be happily rebuilding my databases from the ground up so they’re nice, clean, and organized when it’s time to upgrade. Very excited!