Data base size?

I had 52Gb free when I installed DTPO. I created a new database and moved 12Gb of documents into it (by drag-and-drop). I am now down to 12Gb of free space. (I may have added somewhere around 1Gb of new data to my hard drive in the meantime.)

Is this normal?

I understand that files are copied into the DT database, not just indexed in place. That would account for a drop of 12Gb (duplication of my original files into the db), plus some for database overhead. But, that still leaves me unable to explain a loss of around 25Gb. Do I attribute this to DT overhead? Or, do I look elsewhere for the culprit? (If elsewhere, any suggestions???)

A related question – At what point would you consider it safe to delete the original documents that are in my Finder folder structure?

There is something else at play here. DEVONthink is merely making copies of imported files.
Does the disk usage persist aftert rebooting the machine?

This is unanswerable, as it’s up to the individual. Imported files have no relationship to the original files and folders in the Finder, so it’s up to you to decide whether to keep both.

Thank you Jim. That’s helpful.

I suspected that might be the case. At least I know I don’t need to look into DT…

Yes, the situation remains after a reboot. It changes slightly, of course, with clearing caches, etc.

Now, to find out where the blame lies…

So, if I ever need to export my DT files to a non-DT system, is any of the file structure retained in the export, or is it one massive folder of all my files?

Using File > Export > Files and Folders will export database groups as folders in the Finder.