Data detectors in 3.5

Thanks for adding data detectors in DTTG3.5! URLs are recognized (they are colored blue), but I’m not able to click them in edit mode. Is this the expected behavior?

Yes, this is expected. In edit mode you edit, in view mode you can click links etc. But @aedwards could elaborate further here. Alan?

We previously discussed a similar topic here and it seems that in the next release on macOS they would be clickable. Would be great to have that behavior on iOS too (especially since you now already have a setting to disable data detectors). If e.g. clicking links is not a feature, the only added value of data-detectors would be syntax highlighting, right?

DEVONthink 3 will support this in its next update. In DTTG we are looking at options to support this in a future update.


Reviving this thread. @aedwards trying to click links in metadata (Markdown edit mode) does not work- because the colon is seen as a separator?. E.g. the Markdown below (with a URL in the metadata) is not clickable. In my opinion this could be done, because only the first colon could be considered a field separator. But maybe links in edit mode are not considered to be clickable?


A short bit about DEVONtechnologies

It is highlighted on DTTG, but clicking does not work:

It is clickable in DT3.8.6 on macOS (although the syntax coloring weirdly does not underline the colon)

CleanShot 2022-10-05 at 10.23.13

I have just added a change this week to make the links tap-able in DTTG. This will be included in the next update.


woop woop - awesome @aedwards!

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