Data disappeared tho' records are there

Going to a database in Devonthink that I don’t use very often I find that there are 20 or so files in the list of titles that have the form: 98845161-970B-44C1-8E3B-791DF08CC2BE.dt3. But there is no data in the data window. They were all pdfs imported on the same day. The rest of the folder is OK. I guess it is a pointer but I don’t know how to get to the data. Any help gratefully received

Have you indexed the user Library folder?

No. Do you mean User/Library in the finder? Should I index it? How would I do that? Does this mean I indexed the files by mistake, instead of importing?

No, you absolutely should not.


This is a DEVONthink metadata file, typically only found in the user Library. There’s no good reason you’d have it in your database.

Are you actually seeing the file in your database or via a Spotlight search in the Finder?

I’m seeing these in the database list, complete with modified and added dates, and size.

What have you been importing and from where? Those files should not appear in the database without user intervention.

Apologies: I can’t investigate properly at the moment. I’ll pick up when I’m free.

No rush here. At your leisure and convenience.