Data elements accessible by Scripting


I am wondering how to determine what variables in a Dt record are accessible from AppleScript. When I export to OmniOutliner format, for example, I can get the comment field, a URL, name, text content as a note, dates. I was wondering if elements such as values in the concordance (i.e. this record refers to “tiger” 50 times) are also available. Ideally I would like to export some of the elements into Excel for further manipulation. Thanks!!


These are the properities I found for records in the dictionary. I am assuming that they cover all the variables available from AppleScript:

	<Inheritance>  item  [r/o]  -- All of the properties of the superclass.
	aliases  Unicode text  -- Wiki aliases (separated by commas or semicolons) of a record.
	source  Unicode text  -- The HTML or XML source of a record.
	image  anything  -- The image or PDF document of a record.
	cells  list  -- The cells of a form.
	state visibility  boolean  -- The visibility of the state of a record.
	exclude from classification  boolean  -- Exclude group or record from classifying.
	thumbnail  anything  -- The thumbnail of a record.
	word count  integer  [r/o]  -- The word count of a record.
	location  Unicode text  [r/o]  -- The location in the database as a POSIX path.
	id  integer  [r/o]  -- The unique identifier of a record. Note: Optimizing a database might modify identifiers.
	indexed  boolean  [r/o]  -- Indexed or imported record.
	number of duplicates  integer  [r/o]  -- The number of duplicates of a record.
	attached script  Unicode text  -- POSIX path of script attached to a record.
	creation date  date  -- The creation date of a record.
	score  small real  [r/o]  -- The score of the last comparison, classification or search (value between 0.0 and 1.0) or undefined otherwise.
	URL  Unicode text  -- The URL of a record.
	kind  Unicode text  [r/o]  -- The human readable kind of a record.
	columns  list  [r/o]  -- The column names of a sheet (to access the forms of a sheet, use 'children') or form.
	size  integer  [r/o]  -- The size of a record in bytes.
	state  boolean  -- The state of a record.
	path  Unicode text  -- The POSIX file path of a record.
	dimensions  list  [r/o]  -- The width and height of an image or PDF document in pixels.
	dpi  integer  [r/o]  -- The resultion of an image in dpi.
	label  integer  -- Index of label(0-7) of a record.
	plain text  Unicode text  -- The plain text of a record.
	modification date  date  -- The modification date of a record.
	name  Unicode text  -- The name of a record.
	filename  Unicode text  [r/o]  -- The proposed file name for a record.
	comment  Unicode text  -- The comment of a record.
	date  date  -- The (creation/modification) date of a record.
	rich text  text  -- The rich text of a record (see text suite).
	data  anything  -- The internal file data of a record, e.g. an image, a web archive or PDF document.
	type  group/xml/rtf/sheet/picture/nexus/txt/form/rtfd/html  [r/o]  -- The type of a record.
	number of replicants  integer  [r/o]  -- The number of replicants of a record.
	locking  boolean  -- The locking of a record.
	height  integer  [r/o]  -- The height of an image or PDF document in pixels.
	width  integer  [r/o]  -- The width of an image or PDF document in pixels.

AppleScript does not (yet) support the concordance. But probably this will work (I don’t use Excel so I don’t know :wink:):

  1. Select the desired entries of the concordance (drawer or panel)
  2. Choose Edit > Copy
  3. Paste the clipboard to an Excel sheet